• Cross fit training: come and train our daily WODs with us or do yours on your own, as you like it
  • Beach Boot Camp: mixed Workouts on the Beach
  • Functional Training: optimizing „sports performance“ Movements chains and core stability are the focus
  • Feeathletik: training with your own Body weight
  • Core: strengthen your deep muscular system, the basis for everything
  • TABATA: High Intensity Interval Training (20 sec / 10 sec rest: 8 Rounds) Cardio Fatburn
  • Multipurpose Playground: Freeathletik, Core, Black Roll, Stretch & Relax…..

Cross training

Cross training includes exercises and movement sequences from various sports such as gymnastics, athletics or weightlifting. The training sessions are carried out briefly but intensively and are very similar to a classic circular training  Training with mixed training tools: Rope TRX Elastic bands Bars, Kettle bells ..... Full body training strength, stamina, coordination, quickness..

Functional Training

Functional training is an everyday relevant and cross-sport training form. It involves complex movement sequences that require multiple joints and muscle groups at the same time. Training Circle with different stations and training equipment /tools . Complete body training program strength, stamina, agility, coordination..

Free athletic

Training with your body weight. A Freeletics workout includes traditional exercises as push-ups, squats and crunches (sit-ups). In Freeletics terminology, however, these sections are called "push-ups", "squats" (knee bends) "Jackknives" (knife-like movement while lying down) or "Burpees" (jump-footrests). Full body workout for strength, agility, coordination, rapid strength, condition, toning


Tabata is a high-intensity interval training and therefore a variant of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is how the training method works: Short phases of extreme stress alternate with even shorter breaks.

Beach Boot Camp

Functional fitness at the beach. Boot camp Training is a high-intensity functional outdoor interval circuit training designed according to the latest training science methods in small groups with lots of fun.


Core training ([k), English for "core" or "middle") is a form of training to improve body stability and coordination by selectively training the muscles in the central part of the human body between the diaphragm and the hip. All functional movements of our body depend on the center of the body. The center of the body is composed of the deep muscles around the spine. ... These are mainly the trunk muscles, the muscles of the abdomen, back, buttocks, the posterior thigh and the hip. Training of the deep muscle system, improving posture, strengthening of deep muscles