Shams Diving Center Means individual diving in a friendly atmosphere where safety, professionalism and friendship are keywords. The international team's goal is to give you a great holiday time and make you feel at home. At our private marina right to the Dive Center you can find our own Boats. To make your day successful, we have on board a friendly and skilled crew that are prepared to help you at any time. Between and after the dives, the sundecks and cabin will offer you enough space to relax. On our boats we offer you the choice to have lunch especially prepared for you by our chefs.


Snorkel Trips You would like to experience the colorful fish and the magnificent corals of the Red Sea the easiest way? Then join one of our snorkel trips, in the warm tropical waters of the Red Sea. We have a large number of snorkeling sites and we offer daily snorkeling trips for the non-divers. Ask at our Aqua Center to get this experience….


A wonderful message for our Safaga lovers! A part of the Shams Hotel in Safaga has been rebuilt and there is a new accommodation especially for windsurfers, kitesurfers and divers. This new Shams Lodge - Watersports Resort is especially for Surfers & Divers.The Lodge consists of 50 double rooms and 4 family rooms; a private pool awaits all sports enthusiasts. Wi-Fi is included and a new restaurant plus a bar on the top. Everything directly at our windsurfing station - for a senationell price directly with Travel People to book. In the course of the conversion work the ION CLUB Windsurf Center was rebuilt. To the joy of everyone and at the suggestion of many kiters, the guard house moved! Many thanks also to the director of the Shams!