• Cardio: for your personal needs we have: Treadmills, Cross trainers and Cardio Bikes
  • Gym: You can train each part of your body with different kinds of machines in our Gym
  • Free weight: there is also a free Weight zone for you,
  • Multi Classroom: for different courses: TRX Suspension Trainer, Freeathletik, Core, Healthy Back, Black-roll, Stretch and relax..

TRX Suspension Trainer

Complete body training with the Sling Trainer. The TRX sling training or suspension training is a highly effective whole body workout in which you use your own body weight as a training resistance. The TRX sling trainers are a non-elastic belt system with loops and handles with which you train both while standing and lying down.

Healthy Back

The terms "back school", "back training" and "spine gymnastics" are used interchangeably. The back school refers to a treatment concept in which back problems can be alleviated and prevented by targeted exercises and relaxation techniques.


Core training ([k), English for "core" or "middle") is a form of training to improve body stability and coordination by selectively training the muscles in the central part of the human body between the diaphragm and the hip. All functional movements of our body depend on the center of the body. The center of the body is composed of the deep muscles around the spine. ... These are mainly the trunk muscles, the muscles of the abdomen, back, buttocks, the posterior thigh and the hip. Training of the deep muscle system, improving posture, strengthening of deep muscles